Women’s Department

District Missionaries


Supervisor of the Women’s Department
Mother DeOla Wells Johnson





Current Women’s Department Appointments

Evang. Angela Buckley, Financial Secretary, Department of Women
Sister Barbara Freeman, Purity Class President
Sister Betty Jordon, Hospitality
Evang. Betty Jones, Public Relations Coordinator
Evang. Catherine Hawkins, Member of Advisory Board
Evang. Dorothy Carroll, Chairlady Board of Examiners
Evang. Demetria Banks, Prayer Captain
Evang. Dorothy Carroll, Prayer & Bible Band President
Evang. Jearline House, Advisory Board Chairperson
Evang. Linda Price, Special Assistant
Evang. Margaret Young, Adjutant Sister
Sister Marion Mitchell, Business & Professional Women’s Federation President
Dr. Mary T. Maynard, Pastors, Elders, & Ministers Wives Circle President
Sister Mary Ray, Small Business Directory Coordinator
Evang. Modearer Henry, Resource Specialist
Evang. Patricia Lewis, Expeditor
Evang. Rachel Miles, Special Project Coordinator
Evang. Rebecca Hatten, Member of Advisory Board
Evang. Sandra Askew, Workshop/Seminar Coordinator
Evang. Shirley Perpener, Secretary, Department of Women
Evang. Tara Hatley, President Sunshine Band

Tennessee 4th District Missionaries

Missionary Carol Walker, U. E. Miller Memorial District
Missionary Dorothy Dillon, Nehemiah District
Missionary Eleanor Glover, O.T. Jones Memorial District
Missionary Gwendolyn Jackson, F.D. Washington Memorial District
Missionary Jearline House, F. D. Maclin Memorial District
Missionary Misha Maynard, L.J. Crismon Memorial District
Missionary Shirley Perpener, James McLemore Memorial District
Missionary Virgie La Flora, C.H. Mason Memorial District
Missionary Yolanda Owens, J. O. Patterson Memorial District
Missionary Jacqueline Foster, Emmanuel District

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