TN 4th Jurisdiction

PO Box 309

Memphis, TN 38101


August 29, 2017

Dear Saint(s)

Regarding Hurricane Relief Support ♥

“Grace be unto you and peace from God our Father, and from our Lord, Jesus Christ.  I trust this communiqué reaches you enjoying the favor of God.”

Bishop Maynard instructed me to contact all Pastors and Officials concerning our financial support for the Houston area sister churches.  As you are aware the Harvey Hurricane and water damages are arising to record levels.  Many homes, businesses and churches have suffered heavy damages.

We as a Jurisdiction are asked to support the effort by sending financial contributions to the Cathedral of Praise Church.  Your dollar amounts are important to this endeavor.  All financial support should be mailed to 4300 Clarksville Pike, Nashville TN 37218.  Bishop would like add our finances together and send support to the Houston area Churches of God in Christ under the banner of TN fourth Jurisdiction.  Please make every effort to ask your church members and others that you know to help.  Make checks payable to TN 4th Jurisdiction. Please respond ASAP.

Always feel free to call me should you need clarity or any information.  I can be reached at (901) 262-1083.  My email address is

Respectfully yours,

Superintendent Donald Chism, Secretary